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5 Easy Ways to Change a Room for a Spring Refresh

Updated: Apr 16

An interior room with a chair, lamp, and a blank wall

Are you looking around your home and thinking it needs a little something, but you just painted? Painting is often the go-to for a quick refresh for a good reason (and we can help with your painting jobs), but there are a few other options that can change the look of a room that you may not have thought about.

  1. Changing your baseboards

Do your baseboards look a little tired? Do they not go as well with the color you chose for the walls as you thought they would? There’s an easy fix–just change them out! A good handyman can help you choose and install new baseboards, whether you find you’re looking for a different color or want baseboards with tall molding. Tall molding has the added benefit of hiding wall damage from previous tear-outs, hides those little painting slip-ups, and makes the room look bigger. 

2. Changing or adding crown (or cornice) moulding

Crown moulding visually expands the height of a room and bridges the gap between walls and ceilings. It adds a decorative and finished look to these transition areas. In living and dining rooms, you can enhance the appeal of your crown moulding by integrating new lighting fixtures within the moulding. The type of crown moulding you choose can also add a sophisticated, luxurious, formal, or modern style to any room in your home to adapt it to your current style. A handyman can help walk you through the look you want to achieve and choose the right crown moulding for the job.

3. Changing flooring

If you’re in the mood for a bigger change or have noticed that your current flooring looks a little tired, changing out your flooring might be the right choice. Updating your flooring changes the whole look of your room. If you have flooring in high-traffic areas, you may want to find something that’s easier to clean and will hold up to a high level of activity. If you’re thinking of selling your home now or down the road, new floors will boost the value of your home. Ultimately, you should be happy in your home, and if you find yourself spending a lot of extra time vacuuming, mopping, or scrubbing, it may be time to think about new floors. Talk to your handyman about what options might be best for the different areas of your home.

4. Furniture assembly (and TV mounting)

If you’ve purchased a new piece of furniture and want some help with assembly, we’ve got you covered! A good handyman can get that furniture assembled and put in the perfect spot in no time. The same goes for mounting that brand-new TV!

5. Custom pieces

If you still think your room needs a little something special, but none of the above options are quite right, why not consider a custom furniture piece? Hunter Handyman Services specializes in custom woodwork and would be happy to create the perfect piece for your room, whether that’s a TV stand, new wood mantle for your fireplace, or shelving. 

Whether you want some new baseboards, a custom piece for your home, or something in between, Hunter Handyman Services is here to help! We’d be happy to help with your spring spruce-up project, so give us a call or send a message to (815) 780-7884 for more information or a free consultation. 

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