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We're the first in the Illinois Valley area to partner with and offer Alside's windows, railings, and ASCEND composite cladding. Many of their products, particularly their siding, meet or exceed safety standards, so we're confident that we are bringing you a superior product. Call us at (815) 780-7884 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to see how we can find the best Alside product for you.

Read more about our partnership with Alside here.

ASCEND Composite Cladding

Alside's siding captures the look of real wood in 20 different colors, but offers a lifetime guarantee, is easy to install, and is virtually maintenance free.

ASCEND's composite cladding is engineered with a combination of Glass-Reinforced Polymer and Graphite-Infused Polystyrene. What this means is that ASCEND has some of the highest safety ratings in the industry. It earned a Class A Fire Rating for both flame spread and smoke development, has impressive thermal and impact resistance, and bpasts superior windload performance--meaning that it stands up to harsh weather conditions with no problem.


Mezzo Windows

When you choose a Mezzo window for your home, each window is custom-made to fit your opening perfectly. Mezzo windows have dual-pane, double-strength glass and airtight insulating chambers, designed to save you on energy costs year-round. Mezzo Windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR
requirements – and are certified and verified
for energy-saving performance.



Alside also offers superior railings and other accents for your exterior so that everything matches your siding and looks exactly the way you want. 

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