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Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

Updated: Apr 16

Collage of new decks, stairs, and a front porch

With the recent sunny weather and warmer temperatures, maybe you’ve been thinking about entertaining outside. Before you do, it’s time to check to see whether your deck needs any repairs (or maybe you want to put in a new deck)! A good handyman can help you assess whether any area of your deck needs to be repaired or help you install a new one. 

-Deck Installation: If your yard doesn’t have a deck and you want one, or if the deck you have needs to be removed and a new one installed, Hunter Handyman Services is your go-to! We will help you choose the right material for your new deck and make sure everything is installed safely. 

Here are a few materials you can choose from:

*Pressure-treated: This is the most popular choice, and is most economical up front. Pressure-treated wood can withstand moving grills and heavy furniture around without a problem, but it’s more susceptible to warping and knotting than other materials, and it may need frequent repairs and maintenance.

*Composite: This choice is made entirely from recyclable materials and gives a consistent look. The maintenance with composite materials is minimal, and you can often simply clean it off with a hose. While this is a more expensive choice up front, you’ll save money on re-staining costs and fewer repairs.

*Cedar: This is high-quality wood, but that beauty and quality come with a high price tag. It’s more warp- and knot-free than pressure-treated wood, but it needs to be consistently cleaned and resealed. It also loses its vibrancy sooner than other materials. 

-Deck Repair: Not in the market for a new deck, but think your deck may need a little help? Walk around your deck and check for any boards that have splintering. You should also look for areas that seem extra soft; these indicate boards in need of repair. Hunter Handyman Services is happy to assist with your deck repair needs. 

-Deck Expansion: Do you want to make your deck larger, or add another deck to a different corner of your yard? We can help with that!

-Adding Extra Seating: You can also add some additional benches built into the structure of your deck. Hunter Handyman Services is known for its custom woodworking, so we would be happy to create custom benches that match your deck (and maybe add some extra storage inside) to fit all your needs. 

Whatever your deck project, Hunter Handyman Services looks forward to assisting you this spring. Give us a call at (815) 780-7884 for a free quote.

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