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Spring Weather and Your Home's Siding, Soffit, and Fascia

Updated: Apr 16

Exterior picture of a home showing siding, soffit, flashing, and fascia

Did the recent high winds cause some damage to your siding, fascia, flashing, or soffit? It’s important to keep your home’s soffit and fascia in good condition–these are important in keeping water from collecting, disguising attic ventilation, and protecting your exterior from pests, birds, bats, and squirrels. Soffit also prevents mold and mildew from forming underneath your roof. 

Need some clarification? An exterior soffit is located on the span beneath the rafter tails. The fascia is the exposed horizontal band that you see at the end of your rafters. Flashing is a piece of metal that’s used to prevent water from seeping into the roof in areas near chimneys or vent pipes, where roofing materials might be interrupted. When you check and clean your gutters, check to make sure there isn’t any damage to your soffit, flashing, and fascia, too. A good handyman will replace them for you and make sure they’re waterproofed correctly. 

If you’ve noticed that you have siding that needs to be repaired or replaced, look no further than Hunter Handyman Services! We perform repairs on all types of siding and would be happy to take a look at any exterior issues at your home. Whether you have holes, dings, or dents in your siding, it’s important to get siding repair taken care of sooner than later so no problems develop down the road.

Spring weather can take a toll on home exteriors, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any damage. If you spot any potential problems to your siding, soffit, fascia, or flashing, give Hunter Handyman Services a call at (815) 780-7884 for a free estimate.

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