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Squeezing More Storage Into Your Closet

Updated: Apr 16

An organized closet with shelves and hooks

Do you have a small closet and can barely get the doors closed? Maybe you want to shift some items from your dresser into your closet to free up bedroom floor space. Whatever the problem, Hunter Handyman Services can help you get the closet of your dreams.

There are as many organizational systems as there are sizes and types of closets, but that shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed! A good handyman can discuss your organizational needs with you, and together, you can come up with a solution that works best, whether it’s a store-bought closet system or something custom made. Either way, the right system can help you double or triple the storage space of your closet–yes, you read that right!

Here are a few options to think about adding to your closet to maximize your storage:

-Double rods: One hanging rod doesn’t always do the trick. Adding another hanging rod may be all you need to maximize your storage, and a good handyman can help you install another hanging rod quickly and efficiently.

-Shelves and drawers: That single shelf running the length of the closet doesn’t hold much! Add some open shelves with matching baskets and stackable bins or drawers to store hats, bags, sweaters, shoes, and more. Whether you choose a store-bought system or want something tailored to your specific space, Hunter Handyman Services will install it with pride and care.

-Behind-the-door storage: Don’t waste the space behind the closet door. It’s a prime space to hang things like ties, scarves, and purses. You can even get creative and store sunglasses or other jewelry that way. A good handyman can help you brainstorm how to maximize this space.

It’s time for you to design a closet you love! A solution that fits your needs and your budget is entirely possible. If you're in LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam, or Grundy county, give Hunter Handyman Services a call at (815) 780-7884 for a free estimate today, or see all the other services we offer.

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