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Just Purchased a New Home? Here's How a Handyman Can Help.

Updated: Apr 15

A couple celebrating moving into a new home

Congratulations on your new home! Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or have moved a few times, chances are good that there are some projects you’d like to complete before you move in. There are several ways a good handyman can help you before you move in and after, so that your new home is everything you dreamed of.

Before you move in:

-Change the locks and deadbolts, get new keys made, change the garage door code: This is an important security step to take before you move in. If you need help choosing the right locks and deadbolts, or would like to install a new smart keypad and security system, Hunter Handyman Services can assist with those needs. A good handyman can also assist with installing or changing a garage door keypad. (We can even help if you need to add or replace a doorbell!)

-Checking, installing, or replacing alarms: A good handyman can help make sure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working or help you install new ones.

-Storage and organizational systems: The best time to install a new storage system is before you move everything in! Take a look at your closets, bathroom storage, laundry room, and other storage areas. Hunter Handyman Services has experience in installing store-bought shelving units and building custom shelving units. 

-Check your inspection report: Any urgent projects on your inspection report? A good handyman can help you sort through which projects need to be completed before you move in, and make sure everything is fixed so you have peace of mind.

After you move in:

-Painting: One of the most common projects homeowners like to check off their list soon after moving into their new home is painting. This is one simple way to help make your home truly your own! Hunter Handyman Services has a dedicated, experienced painter ready to tackle your interior projects.

-Repairing and replacing windows and doors: Have you moved into your new home and discovered some drafty windows or doors? Hunter Handyman Services can help with all types of window and door repair. See our previous blog post about drafty windows and doors here.

-Checking insulation: One important step to take is to make sure all areas of your home are insulated properly. This will help you save on heating and cooling costs. A good handyman can help you make sure that your home’s insulation is properly installed. 

-Repair and remodeling: Wanting to make your new home your own with new floors or other design features is a common undertaking. Whether you need a bathroom remodeled or want some drywall repaired, Hunter Handyman Services is happy to help with all your repair and remodeling needs.

Buying a new home is a big step, and we know that there are lots of different things to think about and projects to tackle along the way. Hunter Handyman Services has over 20 years of home repair, remodel, and custom woodworking experience, so give us a call at (815) 780-7884 for a free estimate and help tackling your new home’s to-do list!

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