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Create a Laundry Room You Love

Updated: Apr 16

Remodeled Laundry Room

The laundry room isn’t always an area of the home we think about updating–it’s simply there to serve a purpose. Does it really matter if we enjoy being in it? 

Of course it does! Whether your laundry room is an unfinished space or in need of some better storage, a good handyman can help. According to The Simplicity Habit, the average American spends between $161-$209 per month on clothes, so that makes for a lot of laundry! The same website also states that getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework. So…are you ready to find out how a handyman can help organize that laundry room (and possibly eliminate some housework in the process)?

-Give the room a refresh: In unfinished spaces, you may need to add or repair drywall. It might be time to give your laundry room a fresh coat of paint (and painting the room a color you like can help you enjoy being in there). Adding better lighting can also assist with making the room a more welcoming space. Does your door not fit the style of the room? You can change the door to make it more functional for the layout of your home. Even changing the flooring can make a big difference if the floors you have aren’t up to the high traffic patterns of a laundry room. It might even be possible to add or change out a sink.

-Storage: Whether your laundry room is meant only for laundry or doubles as a mudroom, storage is important. Getting everything organized will help you save time when you’re trying to find that stain remover or lint roller. A handyman can help you add shelving, cubbies, a rack or hooks to hang clothes, or even a countertop with storage units underneath so you can fold clothes more easily. Even something as simple as a paper towel holder can go a long way toward making the room more functional.

Laundry Room Redo
Recently redone laundry room by Hunter Handyman Services

The good news is that the sky is really the limit when it comes to laundry rooms. Turning your laundry room into a space you like to be in rather than somewhere you just go to wash clothes will help you get organized, eliminate clutter, and make those chores go faster. Whether you want a fresh coat of paint, new floors, or a new organizational system, Hunter Handyman Services is here to help! Give us a call at (815) 780-7884 for a free consultation.

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