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Making Sure Your Pet Is Safe at Home

A woman and two dogs on a bed

There’s no doubt that your pets are part of the family, but animals are curious creatures, so you want to make sure that they’ll be safe when they’re home alone. Aside from simple things like making sure wires and cables are out of the way and all cleaners or detergents are stored up high, there are a few projects you may want to have a handyman help with. Hunter Handyman Services is happy to help with your projects, big or small. 

Here are a few ways we can help keep your home safe and comfortable for your pets:

-Creating pet-safe storage: Don’t have great storage options for your animals? No problem! Hunter Handyman Services can create custom cabinets or storage units for you to stow away toys, leashes, collars, and extra food, and keep everything organized. We can also create something so that you keep curious kitties out of areas where cleaners and other chemicals are stored.

-Adding child-proof latches to cabinets and drawers: Childproof latches are great options to keep pets out of under-sink cabinets or other areas with unsafe items. We’re happy to help install the best option for your family.

-Blocking or covering small spaces: Pets love to find new areas to explore. If you have small nooks and crannies in your home, Hunter Handyman Services can patch them up so you don’t have to worry about a stuck or escaped animal. 

-Houseplant storage: Certain plants can be toxic to animals, so moving them up high is a necessity, but if you need a custom shelving unit or plant stand, a good handyman can create a solution for your room.

-Pet-proof your balcony or patio: Live in an apartment, but want to let your cat outside for a little fresh air? Hunter Handyman Services can help install mesh to keep your cat safe on your balcony. 

-Custom dog houses and cat perches: Every pet needs their own special place! If you’re looking for the perfect dog house or fun cat perch but haven’t found the right one yet, Hunter Handyman Services can help you design the best custom solution for your pet’s needs.

Aging pet? No problem! A good handyman can also help you with some simple modifications to keep your pet happy and comfortable as it ages:

-Custom stairs to reach a bed or sofa 

-Installing a ramp

-Raised food and water stand

-Installing a doggie door

-Installing non-slip treads on floors or staircases

-Changing your flooring to allow for easy cleanup in case of accidents

Whether you’ve got a new pet, an aging pet requiring some home modifications, or want to seek out some custom solutions for your best furry friend, Hunter Handyman Services is here to help. Give us a call at (815) 780-7884 for a free estimate today!

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