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What Is Aging-in-Place, and How Can a Handyman Help?

Updated: Apr 16

What is aging-in-place and how can a handyman help?

According to the National Institute on Aging, aging in place is simply staying in your own home

as you get older. Most of us want the same things and comforts as time goes by, such as

staying in the same home rather than moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Sometimes that isn’t a problem, but sometimes a health challenge or other adjustment forces a

change. As of 2020, there were 74.6 million Americans over the age of 60 ( and 2.8

million in the state of Illinois alone (IL Department of Aging), so there are probably many families

in the middle of big decisions about whether a loved one should stay at home or transition to an

assisted living facility.

If you’ve talked with your loved ones and know that staying at home is the best place for you

right now, but need to make some simple adjustments, that’s where a handyman can come in.

Navigating through installments such as grab bars, lighting fixture changes, a taller toilet, walk-

in shower, and other safety or accessibility concerns can seem overwhelming. A good,

trustworthy handyman can not only address these immediate needs, but also help with other

household issues that may come up in the future, such as changing a door or installing a ramp.

They will make sure to address the quality of the products and be certain that each item is

installed properly and safely. A handyman can also walk through your house with your family or

other medical support team members to make sure everything is taken care of and give

everyone peace of mind.

Hunter Handyman Services is here to help with your aging-in-place needs so that you or your

loved ones can stay at home happily and peacefully. If you or your loved one is in the Illinois

Valley are and would like information or a free consultation, email or call

or text (815) 780-7884.

Further resources:


Illinois Department of Aging:

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