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Squeeze More Storage into Your Garage

Updated: Apr 16

An empty garage

Spring is fast approaching, and maybe you’re beginning to think about cleaning up your yard. And then maybe your next thought is: “Where did I store those gardening tools last fall?”

If your garage storage needs a little help, maybe it’s time to call a good handyman! A handyman can look at the size of your garage, talk with you about your storage needs, and brainstorm a few options that will help you get everything organized in a way that works for you (and lets you park your car in the garage at night!). 

Here are some options to get you thinking:

-Pegboard wall storage systems are great for tools, but they also offer flexibility in that you can customize systems to suit your household as it changes (think: hanging backpacks or hoodies, changing shelving height)

-Adding cabinets and countertops: The sky (or garage ceiling) is really the limit. Add a countertop for your DIY projects. You can take advantage of narrow spaces by installing shelving that pulls out. Corner units can also help maximize your space. Talk with your handyman about your storage needs and the projects you’d like to do in your garage, and together, you can come up with a system that works.

-Overhead storage systems: If you don’t have much wall space, consider looking up! A handyman can help you customize an overhead storage system to stow away extra ladders, sports equipment, and more, opening up wall and floor space. 

-Storage racks: Are your lawn chairs taking up too much space? Not to worry! A handyman can add some storage racks for lawn chairs, recycling containers, bikes, and more, so you have the floor space you need.

-Garage refresh: Adding new flooring, drywall, or a fresh coat of paint can also go a long way toward how you work in and are able to organize your garage, especially if you like to entertain outside. 

No matter what your garage organizational needs are, Hunter Handyman Services is here to help! Give us a call at (815) 780-7884 for a free consultation or for more information about how we can help get your garage organized for spring.

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